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Below I will outline some ways that a beginner can learn Esperanto. My blog will outline a day’s worth of study in progressive order, starting with Day 1 for the complete beginner. There are so many websites, blogs, online resources, smartphone apps, paper books and kindle books to help someone learn Esperanto – most of which is for free because the Esperanto community loves to help others and share the language. I do my best to bring all those resources here on this website. Please bookmark and share this website. Dankon! Shawn.


How To Learn Esperanto

Learning Esperanto is completely free because all Esperantists are excited to share the language and help others learn it! Below is a course syllabus that I have created to get you started and fully immersed in learning Esperanto and the resources necessary to aid you in your journey. Start at the beginning and work your way through each of the projects in descending order.

1. Read Benny Lewis’ blog post Why should I learn Esperanto? on Fluent in 3 Months website.

2. Bookmark the FORVO Esperanto website; refer to it for pronunciation; and download the iPhone App if you have an iPhone.  Refer to Esperanto Resources for more helpful links.

3. Complete the 5 free lessons for Esperanto grammar.

4. Watch some Esperanto Videos to learn more and hear it spoken.

5. Go through this The Easiest Language PDF for 60 lessons broken down to 3-6 minute long increments that span pages 8-33 of this PDF which includes some studies, science, and author’s personal opinion on the Esperanto language and reasons for learning/using it.

6. Download the free Kurso de Esperanto software and complete the 12 lessons.

7. Go through Lernu’s basic course for listening and speaking. (you need to sign up for a free user account). Conversely, you can also use Lernu! “Mi estas komencanto” MP3 version of their course beginner text course, in addition to or in lieu of the basic listening and speaking course.

8. Use Memrise‘s free online program to learn 225 of the most commonly spoken Esperanto words using spaced-repetition to enhance your memorization.

9. Go through Lernu’s Learning Grammar pages.

10. Print and read the free 37-page (beginner) PDF e-book 13 Oktobro 1582 (direct link).

11. Download Tajpi Esperanto Keyboard for your Windows Computer so that you may type in Esperanto.

12. Download Anki for your laptop and/or smart phone and install the Esperanto vocabulary list.

13. Use to find friends and language partners.

14. Search for people on LiveMocha who are also learning Esperanto. Send them a message, add them as a friend. You need a free account for this, by the way.

15. Follow Esperanto speakers on Twitter.

16. Convert Facebook Language into Esperanto.

17. ‘Like’ Esperanto Facebook pages.

18. Convert your Internet Browser into Esperanto.

19. Download free Esperanto books to your Kindle or Kindle Device from Amazon

20. Read Esperanto blogs, such as Benny Lewis and others.


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