Esperanto Comic book and more Esperanto Resources

Updates: December 24th 2012

Esperanto Links:

  • War of the Worlds Comic in Esperanto
  • Fundamentals of Esperanto, a 2 page online document that covers the Esperanto Alphabet, Parts of Speech, and General Rules, copied from the 1905 Fundamento de Esperanto book
  • “Fundamento de Esperanto” in Esperanto, French, English, German, Russian, Spanish as an online e-book
  • The Easiest Language PDF with 60 3-6 minute lessons for beginners, a good resource
  • Android Google Playstore Esperanto Apps, free
  • Free Memrise online courses

How to Learn Esperanto Page:

  • A free course syllabus to follow for the complete beginner to learn about Esperanto and free online sources for learning, starting with the basics and progressing through various courses and resources, including grammar and also social integration to find online study/practice partners through various online sources.
  • I confirmed all websites, software, programs, and e-books are working and accessible. I have copied some and uploaded to allow them to be easily accessible and will continue to do this in the future, when time permits. I have noticed as time goes on free resources disappear as domains and hosting expire.

Website Update: This website has always been hosted here at, a Google Property, however was under the domain name, which has expired due to a lack of funding/donations. I will maintain this blog and update it as time and resources are available. It will remain at this free address:


    How to change Google Search into Esperanto

    1. Go to 
    2. Click the settles button at the top right corner of the screen. (image 1)
    3. Click ‘Search Settings’
    4. A ‘Preferences’ screen opens. Change your ‘Interface Language’ to Esperanto. (image 2)
    5. Tic the box for ‘Esperanto’ under ‘Search Language’
    6. Scroll through to see if you wish to change any other settings.
    7. Click ‘Save Preferences’ at the very bottom right corner of the screen.
    8. You know have Google search and results in Esperanto! (images 3 & 4)
    image 1

    image 2
    image 3
    image 4

    How to change Internet Explorer to Esperanto Language

    I don’t know. I don’t care. You shouldn’t be using the Internet Explorer (IE) Internet browser. Switch to Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or Apple’s Safari. Now.

    Reasons to not use Internet Explorer (IE) Internet Browser:


    Change Mozilla Firefox Browser to Esperanto Language

    You can change the language of Mozilla Firefox to Esperanto (instructions below) or you can download an Esperanto version of Mozilla Firefox here (and shown in the second screen capture below), and finally you can use the addon, Quick Locale Switch, which allows you to switch among various different languages .

    Simply open up your Firefox browser (the newest version is best) and click on the orange Firefox button at the top left corner of your browser. Go to the ‘options’ menu, and then ‘options’. A pop-up screen appears. Select the ‘content’ tab. At the bottom under ‘Languages’ click ‘choose’ and then ‘select a language to add’. Find ‘Esperanto (eo)’ and ‘add’ it. Move it to the top of your language list. Any websites that can be displayed in Esperanto, such as Google Search results, will be. The browser itself won’t.

    Mozilla Firefox Language changed to Esperanto
    Mozilla Firefox Esperanto Version


    Esperanto Vocabulary for Facebook

    Aldoni foton aŭ filmeton = add a photo or a film (video)
    Aliaj = other
    Amikoj = friends
    Ankaŭ = also
    Antaŭ = before, ago
    Ĉe = at
    Ĉefpago = Chief page (homepage)
    Ĉiujn = all
    Demandon = to ask
    Eble = maybe
    Fermi = to close
    Filmetoj = film (video)
    Fotoj = photos
    Ĝisdatigi staton = update status
    Homo = person
    Informoj = information
    Jes = yes
    Junio = June
    Kion vi pensas? = what do you think?
    Komenti = comment
    Komentis pri via… = commented on your…
    Konto = account
    Ligilon = link
    Loĝas en = lives in
    Minutoj = minute
    Muro = wall
    Naskiĝis je = born on
    Ne = no
    Ne plu ŝati = unlike
    Notoj = notes
    Paĝoj = page
    Pensas = think
    Profilo = profile
    Redakti = edit
    Reklamo = advertisement
    Rekomenditaj = recommended
    Respond = respond
    Sabato = Saturday
    Ŝalti = to switch
    Ŝalti entekstan raportadon = switch text reporting
    Ŝalti entekstan tradukadon = switch text translation
    Ŝalti entekstan voĉdonadon = switch text voting
    Ŝatas tion = likes this
    Ŝatas vian stato = likes your status
    Ŝati = like
    Serĉi = search
    Skribi komenton = write a comment
    Stato = status
    Studis = studied
    Tradukado = translation
    Trovi = to find
    Vidi = see