Change Mozilla Firefox Browser to Esperanto Language

You can change the language of Mozilla Firefox to Esperanto (instructions below) or you can download an Esperanto version of Mozilla Firefox here (and shown in the second screen capture below), and finally you can use the addon, Quick Locale Switch, which allows you to switch among various different languages .

Simply open up your Firefox browser (the newest version is best) and click on the orange Firefox button at the top left corner of your browser. Go to the ‘options’ menu, and then ‘options’. A pop-up screen appears. Select the ‘content’ tab. At the bottom under ‘Languages’ click ‘choose’ and then ‘select a language to add’. Find ‘Esperanto (eo)’ and ‘add’ it. Move it to the top of your language list. Any websites that can be displayed in Esperanto, such as Google Search results, will be. The browser itself won’t.

Mozilla Firefox Language changed to Esperanto
Mozilla Firefox Esperanto Version